Pet Accoutrements


Polo Collar

Polo Collar crated with English Bridle Leather and Decorated with Rene Braids and Beads

Genuine veggie tanned English bridle Style leather is perfect for professionally crafted dog leads and collars! Superior strength and durability, water and stretch resistant, the beautiful richness of the colour is overshawowed only by the leather’s luster and softness.  All edges of dog leads and collars are hand edged, twice burnished, polished and colour choice includes black, dark brown, chestnut and tan.  Knotty Linda’s pet accoutrements are built to last with swivel hooks, buckles and O/D rings made from either sold brass or stainless steel and joins are created with reinforced Chicago screws.

I design and create unique dog leads and collars that are often decorated with genuine kangaroo leather lace; another light weight leather known for it’s outstanding strength, beautiful colours and abrasion resistance. Dog leads braided from kangaroo leather, with or without core, are available also available from my workshop.  I’m so happy to share some of my designs with you, and welcome your comments, questions and custom orders.


Rene Closure for hand and Swivel Snap

Rene Closure for hand and Swivel Snap

Rene Braid Closure for English Bridle Leather Lead

English bridle leather feels so soft and comfortable in your hands!  Although it took a lot of experimenting and dedication, I figured out how to make the beautiful laced Rene Braid that is used as a closure for the handle and swivel snap. The laced braid is finished on both the front and back of the lead to mark the quality craftsmanship. It’s so simple, yet elegant. Many say classy! I’m just glad that I figured out how to make this braid, and that so many people like it!Of course, custom sized and coloured people accessories are also available to match your dog leash and collars.


A Short Lead for a Big Dog.

This dog lead is so comfortable on hands, and yet strong enough for well behaved big dogs.

An unique and comfortable design!

This award winning design “A short lead for a big dog,” was commissioned by Prince’s owner who requested a braided, strong yet comfortable, short leash for city walks. The unique design includes a 6-strand round braid over a core that turns into an eight-strand flat braid to form a comfortable wrist strap. The leather simply glows with good health and beauty. Prince’s lead is decorated with simple and complex Turk’s-head knots designed to enhance the beauty of the lead while providing additional strength and security. This braided lead is so attractive and functional; it was just a pleasure to make!


Braided Kangaroo Leather Dog Leash with Fancy Knots

Braided Kangaroo Leather Dog Leash with Fancy Knots

Four-Strand Round Braid Dog Leash Hand Braided from Kangaroo Leather

This classic round braid dog lead design is braided with purple and pink kangaroo leather lace in a spiral design, and decorated with simple Turk’s-head knots. This is one of the first dog leads that I ever braided and was particularly pleased that after years of designing and crafting fashion accessories and whips, it was so easy to make this simple leash!